This is the homepage

On this site I will list services that I run, as well as be a new place for blogposts. I aim to have a good status page for those services I run as well. I would also like to host code and such here too.


As it stands, the sites/services I run are as follows:


This is my main focus, a forum for hobbies and interests. I like to think this site is pretty chill. It has an open signup so please feel free to take a look

XMPP chat.skyshanty.xyz

This is a text-only open signup XMPP server, text chat with friends, encrypted!


This is my invite-only fediverse instance. If you wish to join contact me either via the fediverse or by email. I can be quite picky, so only my e-friends are typically on there. with some exception?


This is a WIP email hosted here, I am using this primarily for enquiries related to SheepishPatio, however typical email signup/reset stuff is not yet functional.


Skyshanty features my old blog, I may revisit this blog in the future via this HUGO site, before I had to manually create the RSS feed, whereas HUGO allows for easy automation of it. We shall see.

This site

This site serves to chronicle things, somewhat of a redo of skyshanty, I will probably reuse that site for other purposes. we shall see in due time.


Other pages/Articles are below, feel free to browse. I may tag things to a topic to make it easier to follow/catch up.